Door & Gate Entry Systems

Class A Alarms can offer a bespoke package design service to meet your home and family requirements

Wired Entry Systems

We offer a range of door or gate entry systems from simple audio to allow two-way communication to audio/video solutions offering not only two-way speech communication but also an image of your visitor. Simple telephone handsets to miniature, flush-mounted, colour LCD monitors, can be installed in various locations around your home for convenience.

In some cases, entry systems can be integrated with CCTV technology allowing you to view a number of camera images around your property from one location.

GSM Entry Systems

GSM Entry Systems are an ideal solution where cable installation is unfeasible. They simple work by inserting a Prepaid or contracted SIM card into the entry panel of your choice. HP_GSM_PLUS

When the call button is pressed the SIM card will call pre-programmed telephone numbers. Upon answering your home or mobile telephone you can commence a conversation with the person waiting at your gate. When an identification of this person has been established the gate can be release at the press of a button on your telephone handset.