Intruder Alarms

Securing and protecting your home and family remains a key priority for most  households

Close-up of a fire alarm.

Domestic Security

We offer a range of intruder alarm systems from audible-only to 24-hour monitored systems for key holder and/or police response, all using up to date hard wired and/or wireless technology.

Audible-only systems will generate a loud warning tone internally and externally designed to deter intruders and alert the neighbourhood. These systems can be enhanced to notify designated key holders via a telephone call, SMS or push notification.

Our monitored systems, together with our nominated alarm receiving centre, are able to receive and process a range of signals using CSL DualCom or BT RedCare from intruder alarm and Hold-Up (personal attack) to fire alarm, carbon monoxide and technical fault, for example, freezer failure or cellar flooding. The appropriate response, which will have been agreed prior to installation, will then be executed.

Risco Cloud

Our audible-only systems are designed to simply alert the neighbourhood, and act as a deterrent to the intruder. In addition an IP module can be connected to your broadband router to offer full control of your alarm system. The iRisco app will allow you to set and unset your alarm system and also receive ‘Push Notifications’ in the event of an alarm.