Access Control & Entry Systems

The need to control who has access to your building and when is becoming increasingly important. Have a granular overview of entry and exit points and restrict access to specific areas of your building with our advanced Access Control & Entry Systems.

Close-up of a fire alarm.

Access Control

Class A Alarms offers a range of access control systems. External entry points and internal doors
can be controlled using either standalone or computer based equipment ensuring complete control
of persons entering or leaving specific areas around the site. The computer based software can be
extended to include a basic time and attendance facility, which can be integrated with your payroll
software, and fire muster points with real time safe person updates.

Access through controlled entry points by authorised personnel can be achieved by either coded
entry or proximity tokens, giving you the flexibility to control access in a way that fits your business operations.

Entry Systems

Ensure that only designated individuals can gain entry to your building or specific locations within
your premises with the help of a secure entry system. Whether you require simple two-way audio-
only intercom technology or a higher specification audio/video system, Class A Alarms can offer a
bespoke package design service to meet your business requirements.

Comprehensive Security Packages

Access control and door entry systems can be integrated to provide a complete solution for
security of personnel and content throughout your premises. Install alarms and a CCTV system
and gain complete confidence with the support of our managed monitoring services. Find out more
about our other commercial services, here.

Easy-Use Design & System Training

Our systems are designed to have a simple interface, making them easy to operate and
understand. Our teams can provide full training for your employees, as well as ongoing training for
new members of staff if needed – ensuring that all of your team can operate the alarm system and
make the most of its capabilities.

Quick Turnaround & Installation For Businesses

Get your business secured immediately with our quick turnaround and installation. Our expert team
will help you design and install your unique commercial security solution without impacting your
business operations. We can give your team the training they need to ensure that your system is
up and running correctly immediately.

Industry-Leading Commercial Security Consulting

Ensure your business is in safe hands with our industry-leading solutions! At Class A Alarms, we’re
proud to have built an outstanding reputation within the security industry and are passionate about
helping businesses protect their assets and implement robust security procedures that will prevent
vulnerability. Our specialists will take the time to understand the unique requirements and
challenges of your business, before designing a unique Access Control & Entry system to resolve
this. Book your free consultation today to find out more!

Why Use Class A Alarms?

Class A Alarms is a commercial security specialist, focused on delivering outstanding customer
service to businesses across all industries. When working with our team you can be assured that
you’re receiving access to the latest industry-technology, allowing us to create robust
comprehensive security packages that will exceed your expectations. When utilising Class A
Alarms services, your business can benefit from the expert advice of our security consults and the
quick installation of our professional engineers, providing minimal disruption to your organisation.

Protect Your Business With Access Control & Door Entry Systems Now

Install leading security solutions and enjoy peace of mind that your business and employees are in
safe hands with our commercial security systems. Get in touch with our team today to find out