01Dec 2019
access control system

Preventing unauthorised access to your organisation’s premises is a vital part of your security process. In addition to intruder alarms, your company can use access control technology for complete confidence. Learn more about access control systems and how to get one installed, here. What Is An Access Control System? An access control system is a […]

11Sep 2019

CCTV is a powerful piece of equipment, ideal for deterring criminal activity and for providing robust evidence in the case of any incidents. There are a number of considerations when planning your CCTV system. See some of our top tips for designing the perfect network you! #1 Making It Look Clean Invisible wires ensure that […]

10Sep 2019
security system

Intruder Alarm Systems are a vital deterrent for crime on your property. Business and individuals alike can benefit from having one installed on their premises. But with so many options available on the market, how do you know which intruder alarm system is ideal for you? We list some of the common features available in […]

16Aug 2019

Your home should be an environment where you can feel safe at all times, but unfortunately there are intruders who may attempt to break in. Find out some of our top home security tips for preventing a burglar and making your property an undesirable target. #1 Install An Intruder Alarm A burglar alarm will alert […]

13Aug 2019

Class A Alarms is a successful and growing business that prides itself on dedicated, passionate and skilled employees. Our talented staff form a close-knit team and, with plenty of opportunities and training available, we are proud to be able to offer rewarding careers in security solutions. Think you’ve got what it takes to join the […]

13Aug 2019

Theft or intruders at your premises can have a huge impact on your business. Not only can you lose a huge amount in valuables, but you can also leave yourself vulnerable if thieves get hold of sensitive data. See some of our top tips below to secure your business and create an environment that works […]