#1 Most Burglaries Happen In The Daytime

This one might surprise you, but the majority of home burglaries happen during the day. Statistics show that most burglaries happen between 10am and 3pm so it’s wise to think about an intruder alarm which can protect your home 24 hours a day. These home burglaries generally occur when homeowners are at work, and burglars are working on the assumption that they will go unnoticed. 

#2 34% of Home Intrusion Is Through The Front Door

Your front door can often be the easiest point of entry for burglars and if you are not secured by an intruder alarm it can be an all too easy way to enter your home. Often burglars will knock to ensure your home is not occupied before breaking in.

#3 Most Burglars Happen In Minutes
Burglars do not want to be in your property longer than necessary. Statistics show that burglars will be in and out of your home within 8-12 minutes. Generally, they will be looking for quick and easy things to grab such as car keys, money and important documents worthy of selling on such as passports.

#4 30% Gain Entry Through Unlocked Doors & Windows

If you don’t check and lock all your doors and windows when you go out, it may be time to start doing so. Burglars will assess your doors and windows to see if they can gain entry without having to break a lock or glass. Before leaving your home, take a few minutes to check these easy points of potential entry. 

#5 Burglars Avoid Properties With Intruder Alarms 

A burglar will check your home for burglar alarms before any break in attempts and should you have an intruder alarm in place, it’s a risk that most burglars will not want to take. According to recent statistics, homes that do not have security systems are 3 times more likely to be broken into.

#6 Someone Is At Home In 28% of Burglaries

We all want to protect our families and it’s scary to see that 28% of burglaries committed take place while a member of your family is there. It’s one of the most traumatic experiences for the person at home and can often affect them throughout their lives. It may be worthwhile to consider keeping your intruder alarm on should you be home alone. 

#7 Burglars Don’t Target Large Household Possessions

The days of burglars targeting your home for large items such as expensive televisions are long gone. Burglars now focus on items with a high value such as passports and easy to grab monetary items like credit cards. Car keys and small electronic devices such as phones and tablets should also be put out of view to avoid been taken. 

#8 Burglaries Are Often Committed By People Living Close By
The majority of burglaries committed are made by individuals living within 2 miles of your property. Having a neighbourhood you trust is important but be selective with who you choose to give access to your home. Be cautious and selective when telling people your daily schedule or revealing too much information about your home to people you do not know well. 

#9 Most Burglars Do Not Carry Equipment

The majority of burglaries are ‘spur of the moment’ and so your intruder will not be armed or carrying equipment suitable for breaking an entry. They are generally opportunists and look for the signs that mean your house is an easy target for breaking in. Carrying tools and equipment would make a quick getaway difficult and so they often look for anything lying around your property.

#10 Less Than 15% Of All Burglaries Result In Capture & Arrest

A recent report by the BBC stated that only 14 out of every 100 burglaries resulted in the capture and arrest of the people responsible. This shocking statistic demonstrates just how important it is to protect your home and loved ones, with high quality intruder alarms. 

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