Intruder alarms are a robust and effective way to deter prospective thieves from targeting your home and alarm your neighbourhood of potential criminal activity. Protecting our family household is a priority and ensuring you have industry leading, high quality intruder alarms can make the difference. Read our tips on the top features you should consider when investing in home security. 

#1 Monitoring 24 Hours A Day

Although there are inevitably certain times of the day when criminal activity is more common, it’s important to ensure that your property is protected and monitored at all times. Class A Alarms provide a range of wired and wireless 24-hour monitoring systems, which can be integrated with other alarm features such as CCTV and access control technology. Our team will work with your budget and individual requirements to design a security solution which protects what’s important to you, every hour of the day. 

#2 Internal & External Audio Noise

When it comes to choosing which kind of alert you think would be most effective for your property there are a range of different systems. Audio-only systems will generate a very loud warning tone that will be heard both internally and externally of the home. This allows for both people inside the property and the surrounding areas to be aware of criminal activity. These systems can also be enhanced to send SMS messages, notifications or a telephone call to the specified keyholder, alerting them of a potential intrusion in real time. 

#3 Cloud Based Alerts

Introducing WIFI or an ethernet module to your audio-only system means your alarm will be connected to your broadband router. This allows you to have complete control of your alarm using The Smart app available on your phone or tablet device. From here you will receive push notifications giving you information on an alarm trigger, you also have the option to set and unset your alarm. Having the ability to react to situations in real time means your family can contact you should they need access to the property, for example if they have forgotten their code or entry fob, you can simply unset the alarm from your device. It will also give you peace of mind, knowing your family are home safe.

#4 Access Control Technology
Access control technology partnered with your alarm system gives you an added level of security at your property. Class A Alarms offer a range of high-quality door and gate entry systems which range from audio only to two-way communication featuring audio and visual options. Your entry systems can also be integrated with CCTV technology, allowing you to view multiple cameras around your property. Should you need a wireless option, the GSM entry systems are an ideal option and still give you a range of solutions for allowing (or disallowing) entry to your property. 

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Established for over 35 years, Class A Alarms we have been helping you protect your family home since 1983. Our team will work alongside you to create a security solution which works for your property. Contact our team today and book a free consultation with our experts.

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