Theft or intruders at your premises can have a huge impact on your business. Not only can you lose a huge amount in valuables, but you can also leave yourself vulnerable if thieves get hold of sensitive data. See some of our top tips below to secure your business and create an environment that works as a deterrent to would-be burglars.


Monitor and record your premises to deter theft, keep employees safe and more! High quality CCTV equipment can be positioned on entry and exit points, covering key venue and car park areas and can be used for Number Plate Recognition. Our versatile cameras can pan, tilt and zoom to identify and track moving targets, giving you access to images on devices that can be accessed remotely from anywhere.

#2 Intruder Alarms

Use advanced intruder alarm technology to protect your building and alert the police in event of a burglary. Use a monitored intruder alarm system process and transmit alarm and fault signals to a designated Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). Fault signals to include mains failure, comms failure, flooding etc. In response Class A Alarms can dispatch and engineer to attend site within 4 hours. With most modern alarm technology you can utilise an app that will allow you to set and unset your alarm system and also receive ‘Push Notifications’ in the event of an alarm.

#3 Door Entry

Use an Access Control system to prevent unauthorised access to your buildings or key areas of your property. Using dynamic computer-based software you can include a basic time and attendance facility, which can be integrated with your payroll software. Restrict who can access your building to authorised personnel through coded entry or proximity tokens.

#4 Security Gates

Secure the perimeter of your premises with gated entry! Two-way communication systems allow guests and individuals approaching to speak to a controller or member of your team who can choose to grant them access. With visual screens you can also see an image of your visitor, with a system that can be integrated with your CCTV technology.

#5 Install A Safe

Keep valuables and assets of high priority in a safe within your building. If it’s not appropriate to remove assets from the premises then a safe is the easiest way to store your most valuable possessions – including items which have highly sensitive data, such as hard drives or financial files.

Invest In Business Security Systems Today 

Keep your business protected with the help of Class A Alarms! Our expert engineers work exhaustively to deliver the ultimate in security solutions that will keep your team safe and your assets secure. Find out more about our business security solutions and how we can help your company by getting in touch with our team today!

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