Your home should be an environment where you can feel safe at all times, but unfortunately there are intruders who may attempt to break in. Find out some of our top home security tips for preventing a burglar and making your property an undesirable target.

#1 Install An Intruder Alarm

A burglar alarm will alert you with a loud warning tone if anyone tries to get entry to your property, as well as being externally designed to deter intruders. With a range of features, your intruder alarm system can be enhanced to notify designated key holders via a telephone call, SMS or push notification.

#2 Install CCTV

A high quality CCTV systems can be installed to monitor the perimeter of your property, act as a theft deterrent and provide evidential opportunities should any criminal activity occur. Your CCTV cameras can also be linked to control access systems like a security gate, giving you enhanced security coverage.

#3 Use Internal Motion Cameras

Install a motion-sensitive camera in your home that switches on if movement is detected. These cameras can send an alert to your phone and are highly discreet – providing a perfect extra level of protection for unsuspecting thieves if they’ve managed to bypass an external CCTV camera system.

#4 Keep Doors & Windows Locked

Make sure to lock all doors and windows when leaving your property, or even when out of sight – such as leaving your front door unlocked when in the garden or upstairs.

#5 Don’t Leave Things Lay In Open View

As unpleasant as it may be to think about, you need to be aware that potential thieves may have a scout around your property. By looking in windows they could see expensive goods in your rooms, or even spot keys on the side that could be accessed through a letterbox or open window. Also be aware of hanging a calendar in view of windows – thieves could spot this and make a note of any holidays your family may be taking.

#6 Be Careful On Social Media

You never know who’s watching on social media! Be careful when announcing specific plans away from home, particularly if they involve leaving your property unattended for long periods of time. Consider delaying uploading your holiday snaps to your social media profiles until you get home.

#7 Don’t Leave Areas For Burglars To Hide

Tall shrubs and overgrown garden areas can provide thieves with an area to hide or gain access to your home undetected. Keep outdoor areas tidy and cut back as much as possible, to provide thieves with as little area to hide.

#8 Use A Security Gate

Upgrade your gate to incorporate a secure access control system, turning it into an extra level of protection. Ask Class A Alarms we offer both Wired Entry Systems and GSM entry systems, allowing you to vet an individual before granting them access to your property.

Secure Your Home Today

Keep your property protected with the help of Class A Alarms! Our expert engineers are dedicated to helping keep your home safe and giving you peace of mind when your property is left unattended. We can help you design the perfect security package that suits your requirements and meets your budget. Get in touch with our team today to find out more!

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