Intruder Alarm Systems are a vital deterrent for crime on your property. Business and individuals alike can benefit from having one installed on their premises. But with so many options available on the market, how do you know which intruder alarm system is ideal for you? We list some of the common features available in burglar alarm systems and top tips for choosing the product that’s perfect for you:

Intruder Alarm Features

There are a number of alarm features that will help you when deciding which system to buy. These include:

Monitored Systems

For an annual fee, a professional company will monitor your alarm system. They’ll be able to alert you if there’s any disturbance at your property and take a pre-agreed action, such as alerting the police or ringing a designated person.

Police Response

For many businesses and homes, knowing the police will respond gives an added level of reassurance. When your alarm meets the current industry standard we can apply for a Unique Reference Number (URN) for your property.

Professional Key Holding Service

Professional key holding firms have the responsibility of keeping hold of your spare keys, whether for a home or business. This key holder service will also be able to respond to an incident after any alarm has been triggered.

Audible Only/Bells Only

Make your neighbourhood aware of a theft attempt with high-volume bell ringing. A typical intruder alarm will act as a loud siren when disturbed, alerting neighbours and any passerby, as well as scaring the intruder.

Push Notifications

Get alerts when your alarm is activated with a Push Notification system. Push Notifications are sent to designated individuals on a range of devices including smart phones and tablets, allowing them to get real-time updates anywhere on-the-go. This flexibility means that you can respond and take action immediately.

Wireless Or Wired

Today you can choose between wireless or wired alarms. Wireless alarms look clean and are easy to install by themselves but the initial cost for the equipment is higher. Wired alarms need to be professionally installed but, with a team of experts, this can be done relatively quickly.

Find The Perfect Alarm System For You

No matter what your budget or requirements, we can design the perfect alarm system for you! Speak to our team today to learn more about the features available in an intruder system, and which features are suitable for you.

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