CCTV is a powerful piece of equipment, ideal for deterring criminal activity and for providing robust evidence in the case of any incidents. There are a number of considerations when planning your CCTV system. See some of our top tips for designing the perfect network you!

#1 Making It Look Clean

Invisible wires ensure that your exterior looks clean. When designing your CCTV system you’ll want it to be as unobtrusive as possible, so it’s important to take aesthetics into consideration. Speak to our team to find out how you can design a system that doesn’t stand out.

#2 Plan Your Camera Positions Carefully

When planning to position your cameras be aware of your property. Blind spots give intruders places to hide or avoid detection. Make sure your cameras are positioned over entrances, such as windows and doors. It’s worth discussing with a consultant to ensure that you’re not leaving any weak areas.

#3 Decide Which Equipment Type

There are many different types of cameras which can be used, so it’s important to select one that has the features you need. IP CCTV systems send crystal clear images that can be stored using Network Video Recorders. Your CCTV can be integrated with Access Systems, such as door entry and gate entry systems if required.

#4 Monitored Response

Monitored CCTV systems can be installed on your premises to offer complete peace of mind. These work by combining HD cameras together with external movement detectors or analyitics. Any images of alarm triggers are sent to a Remote Video Receiving Centre (RVRC). The company managing this can then give a live audio challenge and contact the police.

#5 Make Use Of Existing Systems

Save costs by upgrading your current CCTV system. Existing analogue CCTV systems can easily be upgraded with new HD-TVI technology and utilise cabling that has been previously installed, saving you time and resources.

Design Your CCTV System Today

Install leading security solutions and enjoy peace of mind with our residential and commercial CCTV solutions. Our experts can help you design the perfect CCTV system that achieves all of your security needs, whilst remaining affordable. We take the time to understand your unique requirements and plan a CCTV system that incorporates a number of industry-leading technology features, to give you complete peace of mind. Get in touch with our team today to find out more and book your free security consultation!

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