Preventing unauthorised access to your organisation’s premises is a vital part of your security process. In addition to intruder alarms, your company can use access control technology for complete confidence. Learn more about access control systems and how to get one installed, here.

What Is An Access Control System?

An access control system is a security solution which restricts an individual’s ability to gain entry to each area on your property. This door entry technology acts instead of a key, giving you a flexible solution that will suit the challenges of any business needing to grant access to multiple people.

Types Of Access System

There are a number of types of access control systems, ranging from basic door entry to advanced biometric technology. Choosing your entry systems depends on a number of factors including your requirements (how many people will be entering the building? Will they all be employees, or will some be guests?), budget and more.

Door Access

These systems allow you control of a door without the hassle of having to provide each entrant a key. Staff or visitors can be issues with a code, card or fob, which can be programmed to unlock only certain doors (and scheduled to only work at selected times or days).

Wireless Key Entry

Doors can be operated via an app, with the flexibility for you to issue a virtual key as and when needed. This has the benefit of you being to grant access to your building remotely, from anywhere in the world.

Biometric Entry

Our most advanced access system, biometric operated control recognises authorisation for entry based on an individual’s signature, iris pattern, fingerprint or facial features. This technology is ideal for restricted areas in organisations of all sectors including government, health, education and logistics.

What Are The Benefits Of A Door Access Control System?

There are a number of benefits to using access control technology within your business. As well as improving security and minimising risk, you can use the technology to meet compliance standards and reduce insurance premiums. The systems allows for a reporting feature, giving you a granular overview of entry to and from your building that helps with planning and logistics. The flexibility of the system means that you can grant access to new people as and when needed, and revoke access on the spot – giving you complete confidence in the authorised entry of individuals to your building.

How To Get An Access System Installed

Getting an access control system installed couldn’t be simpler! A security engineer will visit your premises and work with your team to identify the individual needs of your system, before designing a bespoke package tailored to you. If you have an existing security system, such as an intruder alarm or CCTV, this can be integrated to provide a comprehensive end-to-end solution. Learn more about getting our systems installed, here.

Contact Our Team To Discuss Your Access System Today

If you’re interested in investing in an access control system then get in touch with our team today! Our specialists will help you design the perfect security solution to protect your business. Contact us here.

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